Young People’s Theatre

YPT is one of a ticket selling website for young people. However, this website has a very awkward processing to buy a ticket, so my project was re-design and re-organize their website based on customer’s interview.

♦ Step 1 : Sketch for the task flow


Sketchbooktask flow

♦ Step 2 : Create a wireframe


Even though I’ve thought a lot about this wireframe, many things were changed when I actually start to design the app. (nothing is a completion for the first time in this world!)

♦ Step 3 : Research images for mood board and create a mood board (colors, buttons etc)


mood board 1moodBoard2

mood board 2

♦ Step 4 : Design

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 6.11.26 PM copy




this is a mockup video


This project helped me about how user experience is important to derive to the sales, and how simple design doesn’t make customer are confused. Cut everything that makes them confused, and it was the chance to think about that if I were a customer, what would I click which button.

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