Redesigning Website (August 2016)


This project was to redesign an existing website. I chose a coffee company “Aroma” to do this project.

This is an Aroma’s website in 2016.


The website was different with their feature of a brand (their coffee shop is more luxury) and used a gradient color on the footer to look like an old website. Also, the fonts are illegible.

I wanted to focus on what they need to sell, such as coffees or brunches, and make them more readable.

This is my design for Aroma.


The main colors are black and red. For the fonts, I used Myriad Pro font with capital and lowercase to look like using different fonts on this website. (If you think these fonts are small, zoom it! I created it on iMac so it will look small than the original design.)

Also, I designed some full backgrounds to look like clean and newest website. Lots of simple images are showing Aroma’s fresh features!

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