2D Game Design

This project was creating a 2D game by Construct2 software with my two other partners ( Yeonjoo Keitha Baek, Wendy Martinez Morales)

Keitha created game structure and functions in Construct 2, Wendy created a video for the trailer, and I designed all the illustrations.

Game Title: Mong-gu Adventure

Our game theme is that Mong-gu (who is the main character of this game) is finding his owner. Mong-gu gets around at city, construction site, and restaurant until to find his owner. When Mong-gu gets a special item in each level, he will get one health. Also, our professor gave us a mission to add a purple wrench to anywhere in our game, so one of the special items became a purple wrench.

Click to watch our trailer first!



Design Elements Sheetmonggu_designSheet

An interesting fact is all the character is exciting person and animals! ( Mong-gu is Keitha’s dog, and Uma is Wendy’s cat) I drew them through their real pictures.




Start pagestart page

Level 1 Background (City)level1

Level 2 Background (Construction site)level2

Level 3 Background (Restaurant)level3

Boss Level Background (Park)boss level

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