Brochure & TTC ad Design

1.Brochure Design




2. TTC bus advertising design

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It was my second-semester assignment for design principle class for TTC bus advertising and conference brochure design. The brochure should have more than 3 days event and 5 guest speakers.

I chose a worship conference named “Hillsong conference” which is all about championing the cause of THE Church of Jesus Christ — across every nation, denomination, age and background. (Hillsong conference website)

When I was thinking about “Worship”, one of an image came out of my mind which is people are raising hands and worship together. So I have chosen crowd images for my main design.

Before I chose a yellow color for the main image, it was a purple, blue, red, pink. The purple color was attracted me for a while, however, (very personally,) there’s no HOLY sensation. So finally I decided to put yellow color on the image. It makes me feel more holiness and warmth.

In conclusion, I think a brochure and bus advertising have to provide a proper image and information of the conference and attract people in a few seconds. Of course, it is always not that easy. But, it was a fun and great project!

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